Saturday, June 13, 2009


Some people bemoan the condition known to all as ADD and ADHD. The scattered and hyperactive antics of children in this “illness” are well documented. Pharmaceutical companies have for years offered magic pills and potions to cure this dread disease, psychiatry gurus have advised the proper behavior modifications, even religion has ventured out into the muddy waters with spiritual ills and rebellious spirits being leading causes in the illness. Praying, fasting, pills, and couch time… all advised to cure this horror. Children run the gamut from being “misunderstood and lost” to being just plain bad. They are medicated, interrogated, and, more often then not, segregated from the “good” kids. Parent’s pleas for calm, for quiet, for just a few minutes of sitting still are met with confusion and guilt.

As a young child, I had three speeds: Hyper, Warp… and Unconscious. While some may bemoan the horrors of ADD and ADHD, I have embraced them, in all their chaotic glory. While the frantic and frenetic pace of my never truly resting mind did cause me to have a difficult time integrating with children my own age, as well as no doubt advancing my parents inevitable decline into retirement… it’s benefits have far exceeded the payments this condition demands. I’ve swallowed the pills – thankfully proving to be violently allergic – tried the visualizations, and prayed myself silly. In the end? At the grand old age of nearing 30, I’m learning what others see as a blaze of wasted energy and non-conformist behavior is a golden path to what I truly am. This blog is a roadmap to one hyperactive’s mind, feel free to jump on for the ride.


Mikki said...

I discovered that keeping lists is one way to harness the energy of ADD. It's not a disorder, so much as otherly-ordered. We just think too fast. Not always a bad thing. Enjoy your journey to yourself. It's a wonderful one.

kiki said...

artists are often thought to be add - NOT - just a different way of experiencing and interacting with the world - i had an art school teacher tell me one time 'you can never hope to be organized, you can only manage your life' - makes sense to me ! so glad you escaped the conformist meds !!!! :-)